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Foreign Translations of Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams


Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams The first of four books in Donna’s autie-biographical series, Nobody Nowhere is disturbing, eloquent and ticklishly funny. It is an account of a soul of someone who lived the word ‘autism‘ and survived in an unsympathetic environments despite intense inner chaos and incomprehension. Born into a 1960s family with more challenges than she has, Donna starts out as a two year old diagnosed as psychotic at age 2, and grows up treated as mad, backward and disturbed. Gaining functional speech by late childhood, Donna leaves home by 8 years old and is homeless by her teens in a world that can no more understand her than she can them. Nobody Nowhere is an epic story of survival against all odds. An international number one bestseller, with 15 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List and published in 20 languages throughout the world, Nobody Nowhere is now also soon to become a Hollywood cinema release film.

Nobody Nowhere.is a moving, gripping, surreal, myth-shattering, but ultimately uplifting book and one that will stay with you as one of the most moving and exceptional works you will ever read. Life, ‘normality’ and ‘reality’ will not be the same after you read this book.
What readers said:

She allows us to understand our own perceptions as never before – New York Times

As brave a book as you’ll ever read – Los Angeles Times

By turns fascinating and harrowing – People Magazine

Deserves every superlative a reviewer can muster – The Globe and Mail

Powerful enough to make one reassess what it means to be human – Mode


The Foreign rights to Nobody Nowhere change over the years with new publishers buying the rights and old rights reverting. At present, November 2013, these are the companies with Nobody Nowhere currently in print in other languages

Czech Portal S.R.O

Hebrew (Miskal)

Indonesian (Mizan Pustaka)

Italian (Armando Editore)

Japanese (Shinchosa)

Polish (Fraszka Edukacyjna)

Portuguese (Thesaurus Editora)

Russian (Terevinf)

Spanish (Need Ediciones)

Turkish (Pepino)

Romanian coming soon

Donna Williams, BA Hons, Dip Ed.

Author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter.

Autism consultant and public speaker.


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