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Suspense: Upcoming Solo Exhibition of Original Paintings by Donna Williams – New York, Feb 2014


Suspense by Donna Williams SUSPENSE: Donna Williams
Solo Exhibition of Works by Donna Williams
February 16 – February 23, 2014

SparkWorkshops Gallery
33 34th Street 2nd floor 
Brooklyn, New York 11232

SUSPENSE – the exhibition, curated by Dr. Rosa C. Martinez is the first to focus exclusively on the extraordinary artwork of Donna Williams with a solo exhibition of works in New York City. Breakthrough writer, artist, sculptor, singer-songwriter and emerging screenwriter, Donna Williams expresses herself through art. Donna says “Those who think these abilities were always out in the open, always obvious, think again!”

The Exhibition focuses on the range of various emotions depicted in the artists’ works. Her work appears to be historically and biographically significant to the understanding of autism. Williams book Nobody Nowhere (1990) became a number one international best-seller and was the first mainstream published autobiography of a person diagnosed with autism. It was a controversial and groundbreaking book at that time which became translated into 20 languages, was 10 weeks at number one on the New York Times Best-Seller list and has been read by millions around the world.

Bringing together more than 20 original paintings, including prints, videos and musical compilations by Williams, the exhibition offers fresh insight into the emerging awareness of autism spectrum disorders and abilities. Donna Williams is a pioneer from who’s insight and knowledge we can all benefit.

Click Here for SUSPENSE Exhibition Art Gallery – Art For Sale

What people are saying about Donna’s art…

“Donna Williams’ is an artist in ways that are incomprehensible to most. She epitomizes the word ART, as she is a master work in and of herself”. – Natalie “NMW” , USA

“Donna is a talented Artist with a capital “A”. I had the pleasure to work with her on many different projects. Her stunning and uncompromising approach to creativity, is a breath of fresh air of a multi faceted talented complete Artist”. – Serge Conein, Serge Fine Arts, UK

“She is a hugely original and inventive artist. I am constantly impressed by her capacity to create and communicate in so many different ways”. – Lucy Paplinska, Documentary Filmmaker, Humming Films (AUS)

“Donna has developed the ability to convey an inner mythology, inner culture, through many different “voices” and forms of media. Certain of her paintings hit me at a gut level; some are mysterious and hide their message, but they have this in common: they are expressions of an ethereal beauty — as if they were messages from fairies”. – Jillian Parker

As an author and screenwriter…

“Those who have read any of Donna Williams’ books will know that she is one of the most articulate and perceptive writers on autism today.” – The Guardian, Sept 2006

“…She allows us to understand our own perceptions as never before” – New York Times

“Powerful enough to make one reassess what it means to be human” – Mode

“Provides a shining light into the dark mystery of autism…” – Detroit Free Press

“An extraordinary personal journey… A fascinating testimonial to an intelligence undimmed by mental turmoil.” – Daniel Goleman, The New York Times Book Review

“As brave a book as you’ll ever read.” – Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Beautifully written. It left me with a sense of wonder at the resilience and grace of the human spirit.” – Anne Deveson, Sydney Morning Herald

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