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Synesthesia is broader than you think.


Language of Scent by Donna Williams  The world of Synesthesia is broader than you think.  I see musically.  I process the meaning of what I hear through the kinesthetic movement of gestural signing and representational objects.  I sometimes have colors and patterns trigger in my brain in response to touch.  I talk of green smells, bright tastes, crunchy sounds and fluffy, scratchy and hard edged people.    Here I interview hill’s artist and singer-songwriter, Tracey Roberts, on how her own Synesthesia relates to her ARTism.

Donna Williams



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The Butterfly Club presents – Donna Williams and The Aspinauts


presents…Donna & The Aspinauts play at The Butterfly Club, Melbourne’s swanky home of camp kitsch, in an evening of irreverent avant-garde poetry and flamboyant musical surrealism with a satirical bent.

Dare to be there.

Wednesday 4th March 2009
Cost: $22

The Butterfly Club
204 Bank St, South Melbourne

For bookings, email: info@thebutterflyclub.com
other enquiries: phone (03)9690 2000


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The Vagrants headline at Noise Bar with The Aspinauts & Heidi Everett


Reserved by Donna Williams   OK, so you’re face blind, a little meaning deaf, maybe you have social-emotional agnosia and can’t read facial expression or body language to save your life or are as literal as a real life Mr Spock.  Would you be a little socially phobia?  Have a little social anxiety?  Struggle socially in the mainstream?

Well, how do a bunch of autistic people with this stuff rock up to a popular live music venue in the inner city and hang out among a crowd of potentially largely non-autism-spectrum people?  Read the rest of this entry »

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