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Diversity and Relativism – prose by Donna Williams


Adventure, by Donna Williams If I had a box for my soul

I’d hope for one made of dust

so that the light would shine on the particles

and make stars.

I’d hope my mind was never a tight small box

even if it meant it were instead like confetti and clouds.

I’d hope my body was not my prison

that I could accept it when it was sick, negotiate with it, make friends

especially as it aged and weathered.

I’d hope my emotions were not kept prisoner

that they might dance and laugh and create

even if it were all because I knew the entrapment of darkness

and never wanted a second round.

I’d hope to remember to thank life for the barbs as well as the roses

that each invitation to hate was considered and sent back ‘not known at this address’,

that invitations to love were accepted without fear of potential loss,

that I could wish for a better, safer, happier world but that those terms are always relative in a miraculously diverse society and that my own opinions are not an ocean of the many but a droplet of the one in that diversity.

🙂 Donna Williams *)


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