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Adam Goodes’ Spear Dance belongs to all Australians


Adam Goodes' Spear Dance belongs to all Australians

Adam Goodes’ Spear Dance belongs to all Australians

In response to the racists booing of Swan’s player, Adam Goodes, I would love to see the entire Sydney Swans respond in support of Adam with a flash mob style spear dance as a show of solidarity and if I dream even further, to see the entire AFL perform this in solidarity and recognition of the rich and ancient history of manhood in this country…. to let this be a pivotal moment that changes the racist climate of this country. If all NZers can celebrate the Haka, then Aussie footballers can join together, indigenous and non indigenous, in the spear dance to show these racists what real Australia could be and leave them wondering which team they wish to be on… racist losers or part of Australia with a rich cultural heritage we can all acknowledge, learn, share in and celebrate together. . The racist’s booing Adam Goodes are ignorant sychophants following each other’s pitiable lead to nowhere. Perhaps they could listen to something other than their infantile booing and actually learn something of their own place in Australian history.

Donna Williams, BA Hons, Dip Ed.
Author, artist,and presenter.

I acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners of this country throughout Australia, and their connection to land and community.

What your body might have told you


donna aged 4 with lemons sml I’m 51 and coming to terms with the my post chemo, post mastectomy body that I go at the age of 47 when treatment for breast cancer thrust my premenopausal body into menopause within 30 days. My body behaved like a house of cards and I was playing catch up. It’s like having build a great looking house, which looks fine until you put it through an earthquake, put it through a good full on heavy duty earthquake, a flood, a tornado, a fire, and suddenly it shows all its pre-existing faults. Read the rest of this entry »

How far does your disability define ‘you’?


400072_433947446677973_1724646141_n I love this… and with autism its similar… we are diverse, we are people with personhood and autism is part of that but whilst some feel it DEFINES them in their entirety, others do not, not because they are in denial or ashamed of their autism, but because their autism is not the sole source of everything they think, feel, do or achieve. Read the rest of this entry »

Making a house a home – the art of home making


Intimacy by Donna Williams
My paternal grandparents, who were essentially ‘homeless people’, lived in a shed in our backyard until I was 4 and a half years old when I lost them both. Their shed had only a high frosted vent window, virtually no natural light. The walls were brown unpainted masonite, the floor was cement with lino over it and a thin rug. Read the rest of this entry »

70% of people with autism have co-occurring mental health issues


relevance by Donna Williams Mental health issues effecting 70% on the spectrum… a far cry from the old days where if you had any mood, anxiety, compulsive, dissociative, attachment, adjustment, emotional or behavioural, personality or identity disorders or psychosis you were trolled with you ‘couldn’t possibly ALSO be autistic‘. Alternatively people without functional communication who also have mental health issues traditionally have had their mental health issues almost as standard fobbed off as ‘part of their autism‘. Read the rest of this entry »

Opticians who use tinted lenses for people with autism


Community sml I had an email from an optometrist wanting to find out what tints I’ve found work best for autistic children. I replied: Read the rest of this entry »

Waking the world, one word at a time


Somewhere Out There sml sqr If you had a magic wand to make the world ‘a better place’ what would you wish for? Humans have a capacity to connect, to grow, to awaken, or to block, to defend, ignore. Often trying to get people to think, to question, to reflect or become aware only makes them more afraid of the deep, more determined to swim in the shallows, to dig in their heels and fight for the status quo no matter how unwell that may sometimes be. But what if all it took was ONE WORD… Sometimes less is more. Read the rest of this entry »

With people skills we could all live together


Emerald City 2 Its time we all learned people skills… Read the rest of this entry »

Chronic Fight Flight, PTSD & immune dysfunction


rainbowtree sml Chronic fight flight over taxes the immune system…. one struggles to regulate immune function…. viruses walk in…. Read the rest of this entry »

Growing up with domestic violence


domestic violence We think of domestic violence as something done by deranged men. But it is something done by everyday people. Sometimes the perpetrator is male, other times female. In our house, growing up, it was my father’s violence that snatched the headlines. My mother’s violence was considered ‘justified’. Read the rest of this entry »

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