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Autism and Late Onset Hypoventilation Syndrome


donna williams aged 0.4 months old I was born in 1963 and was developmentally different from months old. By the age of 2 and a half in 1965 I was diagnosed in a 3 day inpatient hospital assessment with autism (in those days Childhood Psychosis) at St Elmo’s Hospital in Moreland. I had episodes where I’d turn blueish but because I was autistic it was thought circulatory or breath holding, not hypoventilation.

By the age of 3 I had twice been rescued from the bottom of swimming pools where I’d jumped in and sat on the bottom making no effort to fight to breathe. Read the rest of this entry »

Idiopathic Inflammatory Peripheral Neuropathy & Food Intolerances


Donna aged 4 with feet a My journey with peripheral polyneuropathy has probably lasted my lifetime. It made itself known along the way but by 2009 its whisper was clearly audible, by 2011 it was shouting, by 2012 it was screaming at me. But what on earth had caused this autonomic then sensory, then by 2013 even the start of motor neuropathies? Read the rest of this entry »


568-aussie-large “Mind The Gap” – Australia’s proud salute to humanity
Read the rest of this entry »

Where are all your tax payer dollars going under Tony Abbott?


tony abbott

Tony Abbott is spending 4 BILLION of your Australian taxpayer dollars each year: Read the rest of this entry »

Autism, Zen and missing ‘the glue’ by Donna Williams


expectation by Donna Williams Those who have been close friends with me will know I have an extremely poor sense of my value to any other human being. I do get my value in relation to Chris but I am just not oriented to think about or hold onto the information about my worth or value to others. Read the rest of this entry »

What WAS Tony Abbott’s relationship with proclaimed ‘pedophile protector’ Cardinal George Pell?


Tony Abbott with his friend, proclaimed pedophile protector,  Cardinal George Pell In 1973, Father Gerard Ridsdale and Father George Pell lived together in the parish house of St Alipius in Ballarat East. Father Gerard Ridsdale became chaplain at the St Alipius Boy’s School in the early 1970s where his career as Victoria’s most rampant Catholic pedophile priest began. By 2013, Ridsdale was charged with over 200 counts of child sexual abuse and pleaded guilty to 167 of these counts. Cardinal George Pell was implicated in the investigation into how Ridsdale was a known abuser since the early 1970s but escaped conviction until 1993. Read the rest of this entry »

Tony Abbott maintains his silence on March in March Australia 2014


March in March Melbourne Australia 2014 I was among the 50,000 protestors at the Melbourne March in March 2014 this weekend. It was a family friendly demonstration with babies, children, mothers with prams, couples, elderly citizens, people in wheelchairs, people in suits, people in dreadlocks, people in costumes, people with home made signs and expressive TShirts. Read the rest of this entry »

Tony Abbott: pedophile priests, sexual assault and Rape Island


056997-tony-abbott We all have around 4 main personality traits out of the 16 listed by Dave Kelly. It is these main defining 4 personality traits that shape our most dominant motivation patterns. And no matter how we try to hide or obscure these, no matter what self-serving bias drives us to identify otherwise, it is these main 4 personality traits that will ultimately ‘leak’ through. Even if we erase them from the lines, they will continue to have a presence ‘between the lines’. Among these 16 personality traits is a personality trait called the Inventive trait. Now you may think being ‘inventive’ is a damned good thing. But the term here is misleading. The Inventive personality trait is that of the bluffer, nothing is ever their own fault and the extreme of it is Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read the rest of this entry »

Climate Change In Australia – why in Hades should I care?


ba9e755e8d612a34ae915d28114d8f1f Why should YOU care? Read the rest of this entry »

Australian Navy, Gang Rape, Burned Hands, Refugees, and Tony Abbott’s endless spin.


burns-hand-asylum-thumb Recently refugees fleeing to Australia showed their badly burned hands and claimed Australian Naval officers had systematically inflicted burns on them and kicked legbruise-asylum-main-620x349 them whilst on the boat they were on as they returned them to Indonesia under Tony Abbott’s “Operation Sovereign Borders”. Read the rest of this entry »

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