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Lest We Forget… our Australian history… this Anzac Day 2015


aborigine-in-chains Australians lack a national identity BECAUSE they reject the identity and history they actually have… they want one that reflects well on them, gives them pride…. so they exploit the Anzac line… a remarkably successful distraction. Read the rest of this entry »

Mothers with Dissociative Identity Disorder?


Labyrinth sml When I think about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) I think about adults who survived severe abuse at the hands of severely mentally ill carers. I don’t think about whether someone with undiagnosed DID may have had children and if they did, what would it be like for their children. I don’t think about that because I’m among the 70% of people who grew up abused who did not repeat that abuse on their children – but I also didn’t have children. I feel ok with being diagnosed with DID. And I know others with DID who did have kids and who, like me, were in the 70% who did not then repeat the abuse on others. But what of those who were the 30%? Those who did perpetuate the abuse? If they were psychopaths, pedophiles, narcissists, borderlines, addicts, then I could cast that off more easily as them being simply ‘mentally ill’ not traumatised. Read the rest of this entry »

We’re all multiple – Legion Theory and my DID team


Emerald City 2 According to Legion Theory we are all multiple. The only difference is that most people have integration of their parts into the whole which presents as ‘one self’. To use some analogies, their ‘quilt’ is not a patchwork quilt. Their ‘vase’ is not glued together, it was and remains a little chipped, a little touched up, but it is whole. Dissociative disorders can effect any of us at any time given extreme enough circumstances and the right predispositions. Read the rest of this entry »

Mary Poppins and Miss Hannigan – growing up with a Borderline


11149520_831391880273531_3440153879973705962_n Saw this meme on Facebook and as someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, it rang true at a whole other level. Read the rest of this entry »

What Causes Dissociative Identity Disorder?


Blown Away sml Usually life moves in small steps… sometimes life changes so completely, so suddenly, overnight, within a week, within a month… and who you were has no place in who you are now suddenly meant to be. But when you were does not die… it gets suppressed, left behind, shelved within your own world… still waiting for the continuity of its own life… as another you develops in accordance with the new situation, environment, expectations. Read the rest of this entry »

Melbourne Autism Friendly Dinner Clubs


Community sml Looking for Autism Friendly Dinner Clubs in Melbourne? These groups are Diversity Friendly which means those attending will be diverse. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding motivation and overcoming inertia


Land's End by Donna Williams

Land’s End by Donna Williams

Sometimes the question is do you WANT to do it?
sometimes want is irrelevant and the question is do you NEED to do it?
sometimes whether you want or need is irrelevant and the question is COULD you do it?
and sometimes whether you want, need or believe you could is irrelevant
and the question is would you GIVE IT A TRY?

sometimes we pamper and pander and fail to teach children that each of these questions are relevant at different times and that it is a skill to recognise each and to know when one applies more than another. Read the rest of this entry »

Childfree by choice


Donna aged 0.2 mths My husband Chris and I are one of those couples people look at and get all ‘awww’ and ‘schucks’ and ‘you guys are just so cute’ about. And we are ‘old marrieds’, best pals, lovers, comrades, people who have shared a long 15 year journey together and just damned compatible and different enough to both glue us together and keep us being each our own person. So why didn’t we have kids? We were both childfree by choice – Dinks in urban slang today. But what were the nuts and bolts of that choice? Were his reasons for this choice the same as mine? And how did us being a childfree couple start out? Were we always this way, before we met, even since our teens, since our childhoods? Read the rest of this entry »

Fighting IS with Social Media


268E394600000578-2990918-Jake_Bilardi_in_a_school_photo_from_Year_10_the_year_he_converte-m-14_1426133727138 Quite simply any pouty depressed or pity-partying teen with a narcissistic/megalomanic streak and looking for a cause is a potentially eager tool ripe for the picking as another IS pawn. Read the rest of this entry »

Life with an Acquired Central Hypoventilation Syndrome


Donna Williams central apnea
Central hypoventilation means your brain keeps forgetting to keep you breathing. See, we have this thing called a ‘respiratory drive’ and this makes us keep breathing. This is why we don’t easily ‘just die’, because there are two things keep us alive; a beating heart and a respiratory drive. If either of those fail partially then we will have problems. We might look pale, even greyish or have episodes of even moving from grey to blue. We might find ourselves dizzy with problems with circulation to our brain, our hands, our feet, the color having ‘drained from our face’. We may seem ‘out of it’, have ongoing ‘fuzzy headedness’ or ‘brain fog’ from poor blood oxygen levels, or information processing or developmental problems that present as learning difficulties, developmental disability and then associated behavioural challenges. Read the rest of this entry »

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