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Tea Consent and ‘dressing like a slut’


miley-cyrus When I was in high school there were some girls who sought to have their dress an inch above their knickers. I remember one in my class with whom boys would engage sexually with her at the back of the class. It disrespected the learning environment because the behaviour of all involved was making it a brothel and a joke so nobody could learn in there. Read the rest of this entry »

FASD, Autism and neurological challenges


Donna Williams, FASD and autism If you think FASD is not relevant to ‘good mothers‘ of children with autism, take this in:

  • It has been found that no level of alcohol is safe during pregnancy.  Up to 50% of women are drinking alcohol in the first weeks before they realise they are pregnant and commonly many doctors are still suggesting they can drink up to a glass of wine a day.

  • Binge drinking impact on father’s sperm has also been implicated in FASD.

  • 80% of those with FASD will ultimately be diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

  • If the mother has no public record of her drinking, most pediatricians will never suspect and the child themselves will almost never know they have FASD.

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Inspiration Porn, autism, and Truman Show


Inspiration Porn


Bullshit scares some of us… it scares me… I’m from a background of mentally ill parents… conduct disorder, attachment disorder, munchausen by proxy, addictions, bipolar, sociopathy, psychopathy, I have lived within the same walls of all of these things…. I was diagnosed as psychotic when I was TWO YEARS OLD (autism was deemed ‘infantile psychosis’ until the 1970s) and introduced as psychotic and disturbed until I was around 15…

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis – a look at the literature


Warrior by Donna Williams  Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS) is an inherited connective tissue disorder.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged.  So why would EDS have a 10 fold incidence of MS compared with the general population? Read the rest of this entry »

Things are not merely what they seem


Transition by Donna Williams  Things are not merely what they seem.
They can be gateways to other times, other places

Pick up an object…. yes, right now….
now close your eyes… now let your mind forget WHAT it is… tune in ONLY to its SENSORY ASPECTS, handle it, tap it, smell it, rub its surface…

what does it evoke in your memory….
where does the pure sensory experience immediately take you.

then list in the comments below:

a) what the object was
b) where the sensory experience it took you


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Author, artist, consultant and presenter.

I acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners of this country 
throughout Australia, and their connection to land and community. 

Functional neurological symptom disorder… When its all in your head


Awareness by Donna WilliamsFunctional neurological symptom (FNS) disorder effects around 0.5% of the population.  Not common but more common than you’d think.  It can manifest as a range of neurological conditions but blood tests and brain scans can never confirm the presenting neurological conditions.

I ALWAYS think stuff is ‘in my head’. Its always my first question… is this in my head? And it SHOULD be our first question… especially if we are from trauma…. especially if we have PTSD or any collection of dissociate disorder.

Following severe autonomic dysfunction during chemo for breast cancer (go figure), I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). EDS on the list of Alternative Diagnoses to FNS.  The great grandmother did die from uterine rupture, cousins did survive uterine rupture, brain aneurysms, spleen rupture, all of which occur in EDSIV (which I’m dx’d with) so I think… yeah that I can trust that diagnosis.

The muscle spasm episodes were episodic but continual. The Osteo would sort them every 2 months just so another collection could create some new work for them. Sprained ribs? Large muscle groups in spasm? Diaphragm in spasm making it hard to breath? What on earth was I doing? I blamed the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Could have been in my head, but these are actually usual in EDS… but also in MS. Read the rest of this entry »

Porn conditioned boys


51000_51243_spot.gif.CROP.original-original  I came across this term ‘porn conditioned boys’ in a recent article about girls progressively being sick to death of the programmed, dick-driven, brain washed porn robots that some parents have allowed, sometimes even encouraged their boys to become.  Read the rest of this entry »

Beware overcare where it hones Dependancy in people with autism


Tempest sml  Beware overcaring for it can promote Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) in a disabled child and they can self injure, self endanger, self deprive to compulsively monopolise the carer out of an pathologically exaggerated belief in their their own incapacity and vulnerability.  DPD co-occurs in children who have had Separation Anxiety Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder.  However, the compulsion of those with DPD to control the carer through progressive helplessness/loss of skills is, by far the most disabling of the three commonly co-occurring conditions.  There are solutions to turning around co-occurring Dependent Personality Disorder in children deemed ‘Severely Autistic‘ and where it is turned around the child will still be autistic but generally not nearly as ‘Severely Autistic’ as their Dependent Personality Disorder was presenting them to be.  

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Consequence by Donna Williams  NARCOLEPSY

Speak not of the luxury of choice
of the choice to indulge
to decide, to rest, to sleep

for I can only dream of such things
once again devoured by invisible clouds
of sedation uninvited

like the eye of a hurricane
pulled down through the pillow
into REM sleep in the blink of an eye


sleep’s addictive call
its inarguable claim
of body, of mind

stealing wakefulness
stealing time
stealing luxury of choice

with one cast of its wand
in the clutching grip
of a hand called narcolepsy

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Autism, Personality and Identity


Contraption by Donna WilliamsWhen we think about autism related developmental, behavioural and learning challenges we usually think about sensory perceptual disorders, sensory integration issues or hypersensitivities, about gut, immune or metabolic disorders, dyspraxia, speech and communication disorders or mood, anxiety or compulsive disorders. But personality and identity may figure equally as much for particular people in determining their reaction to their autism.
We all have around 4-6 of Oldham’s 16 recognised personality traits – Ptypes

Each of these come with their own unique motivation and distress patterns meaning that different personalities will respond very differently in how they adapt to an ongoing sources of challenge, frustration, isolation or trauma.
Certain conditions can hone or inhibit particular personality traits, pushing these into the range for Personality Disorders.
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