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Congratulations Four Corners – the possible exposure of a war crime by the Australian Government.


Becoming by autistic artist Donna Williams Congratulations Four Corners.The US government may have gagged Australian, David Hicks, illegally imprisoned for five years, tortured and kept in solitary confinement for something that was no crime when arrested nor any crime under Australian law, but you, Four Corners, you have been a voice of the voiceless.

Whilst the Australian public was fed the most appalling, US-appeasing propaganda by our own Australian Government, you have allowed David Hicks’ own words speak to the public through existing transcripts. This has shown him as a person as fallible and foolish as many worldwide but not the dangerous war criminal our prime minister lied that he was, again and again ad nauseum.
A crime has been committed, and a serious one. The Australian public has been psychologically manipulated for years, terrorized, incited into hating an Australian citizen who may not have deserved honor but certainly deserved justice, and a justice our government was determined would be denied him at all costs.

To terrorize (ie terrorism) is to intentionally incite fear in the public and the government, even this week, sought to do so in preparation for David Hicks’ return home. The actions of the Australian Government are already being considered as potentially war crimes under Australian law.

Our government which seeks to hide pedophiles from public attack sought to inspire hatred and fear towards a homecoming torture victim, illegally imprisoned for five years, whose crime was to guard a tank and attend a Government sanctioned military training camp on ‘the wrong side’ during a US declaration of war on that government.

That this same lying government now intends to follow through with further imprisonment in this country of a man who has committed no crime under Australian law, in appeasement of the US governments criminal behavior towards this individual is a moral crime. Thank you for showing Australians the realities of this lucky country we live in. I urge the Australian public to review section 268.76 of the Australian Criminal Code 1995 and consider whether our Australian government has, itself, committed a war crime.