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Cyber Bully


Learning Curve by autistic artist, Donna Williams I’m sure most of you have had one.

We met upon a page
your invitation, tame,
but who could see the spider’s webs, not I
as I entered your mind game.

You danced about upon the thread
I entered, without fear or dread,
then came the jabs, one, two and three,
and my feet were stuck,
I could not flee.

You smarmed your way around me
gloating, barking, snapping, poking
I was a toy, just a creation,
in your paranoid imagination.

You are you and I am me,
I broke the thread, and left you there
but still you followed
stalkers do
and indeed you found me everywhere.

A Jesus-mimic martyr
with your well masked fascist style
a mind replaced by rhetoric
you danced in circles waving sticks
throwing victims on a pile.

The sleeze may see a body,
the sadist lusts for power
but you’d proclaim some moral high ground
for tedious hour after hour.

You claim you love humanity
but of the human, you can’t see
you shed crocodile tears over torture,
whilst you stick the boots in me.

Donna Williams

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I’d like to finish with a poem sent to me by a commenter.  Its called The Genius of The Crowd by Charles Bukowski