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Australian Government proposing internet censorship to rival China


Circus Tightrope by Donna Williams  I’m aware of some of the insanity out there on the web… suicide via media, anorexia worship, bullying people into suicide, abuse for notoriety, predators and their patronage, living room bomb makers.  Any of this could make censorship look important.  But there’s another side.  I received this in my email:


Did you know the Government is proposing an internet censorship scheme that goes further than any other democracy in the world?

I’ve just signed a petition to prevent the scheme that will make the internet up to 87% slower, more expensive, accidentally block up to one in 12 legitimate sites, will miss the vast majority of inappropriate content and is very easily sidestepped. The government of the day may add any ‘unwanted’ site to a secret blacklist under the scheme.

Our Government should be doing all in its power to take Australia into the 21st century economy, and to protect our children. This proposed internet censorship does neither. Can you join me and take action on the net today to save the net?



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