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Mr Toast, Peter Gzowski, and a CBS interview with Donna Williams


peter_gzowski_big Once upon a time I was in Toronto, a place with icy ponds and mother of pearl rainbows sparkled in frost.  I was taken to CBS radio station to meet with a journalist, Peter Gzowski.  He was a toasty man, a voice like an open fire, a manner like a children’s pediatrician.  He was rustic, real, and I called him a Gadoodleborger, my term for one who makes bridges between worlds and can be entrusted as a gatekeeper between them, a translator.  Peter was dyslexic and did a lot of work helping those with Dyslexia.  He was also the author of ten books, did around 27,000 interviews in his career, and touched the hearts and warmed the homes of Canadians for decades.  He was the voice of Canada.  Our interview was one he stated was one of the highlights of his career as a journalist.  It had people stopping on the motorway to listen and a pile of letters 30 cm high arrived at my hotel room.  People had never heard anything like it.  Clearly Peter could tame cats, he could speak cat, and he enticed me to finish the interview in free fall, going right off the page and into a taped discussion.  The interview has recently played again on CBC on 30th July.  Here’s the link to the podcast.

Donna Williams