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Donna Williams has Multiple Personalities?


Donna Williams aged 4

Donna Williams aged 4

I’m not comfy with Narcissists. Sorry y’all. we all have our peeves… extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder is psychopathy… I grew up with a psychopath... I just can’t hack a world with its head up its butt.

Yes, of course the Narcissists can always just call me psychotic… hooray, yep, diagnosed psychotic at 2 years old… infantile psychosis… go for it… I’ll put my hand up…. oh, and I have that dirty mental illness called DISSOCIATIVE Identity DISORDER… of course if you’re really ignorant and really Narcissist you could proclaim those with autism couldn’t have a dissociative disorder (caused by acute chronic anxiety in ongoing life threatening circumstances from early childhood)… or you could get really ignorant and say I have MPD (Multiple PERSONALITY DISORDER)… which shows you really don’t know your DSM as the world now knows we ALL have multiple personalities… yes, that’s right, each of us has around 4-6 primary personality traits and we tend to switch which come to the fore with certain people in certain situations and different phases of our lives (what? you mean to say your one-size-fit-all personality is a facade?)… hence why DID is not a personality disorder, its a DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER… but that’s Narcissists for ya… anything to stick themselves higher up the ladder and their heads further up their own butts… hoorah, hooray, 3 cheers for delusion (not).

So somehow with their apparently genius IQ those swinging from the rafters with ‘Donna Williams has Multiple Personalities’, ‘Donna Williams has MPD’, don’t realise how archaic and ignorant they are. It’s like saying, OMG, she has gout, she couldn’t possible also have autism, or she’s got a dissociative disorder so she couldn’t possibly also have immune deficiencies. Some say they didn’t even need an IQ test once they knew the had Aspergers/giftedness (many who are self diagnosed don’t distinguish the two. Someone once told me ‘ya can’t educate beef’. I think that’s true, nor Narcissists. Interestingly, both the political ‘autistics’ who promote neurodiversity and the curists both seem unable to stomach the idea that someone with autism also has a co-morbid mental health issue.

Ironic, you can’t get more neurodiverse than dissociative identity disorder, it’s neurodiverse by definition… guess its not the sexy kind of neurodiversity, or just not sexy enough for those bent on keeping their new ‘race’ tidy from such riff raff. What’s worse its damned hard to navigate and I’d certainly never have asked to be even more neurodiverse than immune disorders, brain injury and inbreeding had already made me. As for the curists, they certainly don’t want to know the lengths a psychopathic parent will go to in detesting disability.

And me, I’m comfortable with real neurodiversity… I see it in the street in every human face, every animal I encounter. Unlike narcissists, I’m really happy we’re all so wonderfully different and that difference is so wonderfully ORDINARY.

You can find more info at my website http://www.donnawilliams.netincluding my consultation page for DID where I offer online Peer Support.

Donna Williams, BA Hons, Dip Ed.
Author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter.
Autism consultant and public speaker.