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Christmas by Donna Williams

  • The christmas tree looks best when standing inside of the branches looking out through the lights.
  • Don’t forget to tap the decorations, they sound good too.
  • Shiny decorations are wonderfully lickable (but don’t eat them).
  • Glitter doesn’t taste anywhere near as fantastic as it looks (what a mystery).
  • There is actually something under the paper.
  • Decorations are a far greater buzz when people want them put back on the tree.
  • Christmas lights are best viewed through a strand of tinsel.
  • We can all be santa.
  • Giving starts with what’s invisible.
  • The best christmas gift is the geniune smile at one’s own reflection.
  • If nothing else, dare to whisper/hum/sing/type just for Christmas.
  • Gifts are best appreciated in one’s own space.
  • The cat often can’t eat well with people watching.
  • You can make ‘snow’ from pretty much anything.
  • Dressing up in tinsel makes you shine.
  • Peace is having your neurotransmitters working for you are Christmas.
  • Happiness isn’t mania, I’d rather smile like Mona Lisa than grimace like Cheshire Cat.
  • I resolve in the New Year to BE and DO and SEE and and and and…. to calm down and chill out and actually keep up with myself (writing, art, sculpture and music composition are all acceptable artistic exceptions).
  • I resolve to remember how lucky I am, to live in the moment, to walk the middle path (loving all my yuck and fabness equally as self acceptance), to love but not co-dependantly, and to know that those mountains are really just molehills under a microscope.

So when that time of year comes around, Merry Christmas everyone and a wonderful, empowering, self owning, simply be New Year to you all.


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