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Recipe of the month (June): Home made snack bars.


Tantrum by Donna Williams Welcome to a new feature: recipe of the month.

This month a basic recipe for home made snack bars.

Those of you lucky enough to not be gluten intolerant, allergic to milk products, salicylate intolerant or unable to cope well with sugar may find my recipes pretty bizarre. But for those of you living with people who are GF/CF, low sugar, low salicylate, you may find them interesting.

I’m also an intuitive ‘cook’, need supervision cooking on open flames, have no idea of measurements, just feel my way, so expect rather ‘autie’ recipes.

Here’s Donna’s basic snack bar recipe:

  • GF/CF rice bubbles or GF/CF muesli or coconut (the coconut is moderate in salicylates)
  • bind with pear concentrate or rice malt in a blender
  • add crushed pecans (or hazelnuts/cashews, all low salicylate, or chopped dried apple/mango)
  • sprinkle of nutmeg or tiny touch of vanilla (careful with vanilla as it’s high in salicylates)
  • mix in blender
  • spoon onto greased baking tray
  • roll out/press with rolling pin or glass
  • cut/press into bars
  • bake for 15 min in a moderate oven
  • allow to cool (crumbly until completely cooled)
  • lift out with spatula
  • store in air tight container for up to 3 weeks or freeze for several months.

🙂 Donna Williams *)

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