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Recipe of the month (August) home made nut milk


Mimosa by Donna Williams Nut milks are high in calcium and many other nutrients. Unlike soy milk, they do not reduce gut IgA (reduces gut immunity) and unless you have nut allergies aren’t nearly so allergenic as soy milk. Whilst Almonds are sky high in Salicylates which can contribute to inflammatory states in those with Salicylate intolerance (common on the autism spectrum and in those with ADHD). Cashews, Hazelnuts and Pecans, however, are all wonderfully low in salicylates so excellent choices for rich creamy nut milks. You can make nut milk from any one or combination of these. Here’s how.


  • Blender
  • A small packet of raw unsalted cashews, pecans and/or hazelnuts (from health food store)
  • Water
  • Fine mesh sieve
  • Jug to catch sieved nut milk
  • Storage container for used nut-meal (can be stored for 4-7 days and reused another 3 times)


  • Put the raw nuts into the blender
  • Cover them over with water (about 1-2 inches above the nuts)
  • Blend until the water looks more like ‘milk’
  • Sieve the contents into a jug, catching the nut-meal in a FINE mesh seive
  • Collect the nutmeal into a container and seal it for later use.
  • Your nut milk (you’ll probably have about 1 pint from this first round) is now ready to use.


You can later re-use the nut-meal by:

  • putting it back into the blender
  • covering it with water
  • blend it again
  • sieve again
  • save the nut-meal again
  • etc.


You can use the milk:

  • on cereal,
  • in Dandelion Coffee (yum and good liver detox)
  • in cooking

You can use the nut-meal:

  • in stir fries
  • in casserole style bakes
  • in cakes and biscuit mixes


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Note: those with herpes viruses may require low Arginine levels. Nuts are high in Arginine so those with the cold sore or Epstein Barr type viruses for example, may require a Lysine supplement to avoid provoking herpes virus flare ups due to raised Arginine levels.