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What’s beyond gen Y?


Circus Hoops by Donna Williams  In a crumbling world economy, it won’t matter if you have 2000 online friends if you can’t leave your room, collaborate and co-operate in real life and use your manual skills to produce, prepare and cook real food.  Having a mountain of mobile or wireless capacity won’t matter if you can’t restore and repair consumables in a world stripped of its resources by global wastefulness.  Having 10,000 You Tube hits for an ego-tripping mobile phone fight capture won’t matter a damn if you don’t have a range of exchangeable essential physical skills in a world where both credit and money has lost all trust.  The next generation may have to be a DOING one which will find little in common with gen Y which is often more adept at imagining life/lives by proxy than living and developing physically interactive ones.

What do you envision as the next generation beyond generation Y?

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author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter.