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Reduce emissions by 70% by 2015 or face the cull


Rainbow Tree by Donna Williams  As governments worldwide put economy before climate let me quote from , New Scientist cover story, from 28th Feb 09 issue from article “Surviving in a Warmer World” by Gaia Vince, who on page 33 quotes Crutzen in conclusion:

“I would like to be optimistic that we’ll survive, but I’ve got no good reason to be.  I order to be safe we would have to reduce our carbon emissions by 70 per cent by 2015.  We are currently putting in 3 percent more each year”.

Want to help change that?  Lets stop over glorifying the replication process we call populating, get over ourselves,  give the planet a rest and speak out to make the changes needed for us to be a planet that can still feed ourselves in 2015.

Donna Williams, Dip Ed, BA Hons

author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter


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