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That’s So Gay….


Count Me In by Donna Williams THAT’S SO GAY a song by Donna Williams 2009

Do you think somebody might have made him gay

If you shook his hand, would you then catch AIDS

Can you spot it in his walk, or his pastel shirts

If he waved hello would you think he flirts.

Well, that…. that… that’s so gay.


Is he catty, is he whiny, is he bitchy, is he clean?

Is he hanging with a gal pal, like a drama queen?

Is he into leather, does he wear a satin suit.

Do you collect gay friends because you think they’re cute?

Well, that…. that… that’s so gay.


Does he have a limp wrist, is he first to dance?

Is his family last to know, where he finds romance?

Is your brain brainwashed with some bigot’s rule?

Do you think if you hurt him that will make you cool.

Well, that…. that… that’s so gay.


He’s the teacher at the school. He’s conductor on the tram.

He’s doting father, with the baby pram.

He’s the son, he’s the brother, he’s the man in the street.

He’s the helpful stranger you were so glad to meet.

Now, that…. that… that’s so gay.


 Donna Williams, Dip Ed, BA Hons.
Author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter.
Autism consultant and public speaker.

Ever the arty Autie.