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Weirdos Like Me


Three years ago I began an interactive poetry challenge on my blog.   It involved the public sending me 1-2 word titles and I had to send back a poem to each title within 48 hours.

Ranging from surreal, to grungy, from romantic, to funny, from political to symbolic and everywhere in between, the poems were as diverse as the titles sent in.   I gathered them into a collection called Weirdos Like Me.  It’s a collection of poetry, art and surrealism.  Amidst the poetry are also song lyrics to songs by Donna And The Aspinauts with whom I am the lead singer and main singer-songwriter.

As a author, singer-songwriter, artist, sculptor, screenwriter, each element of my ARTism and my journey from autism into ARTism involved a series of mentors. In poetry, my mentor was the man who barely got to see it, my father, John Williams, who I knew as ‘Jackie Paper’. Sometimes ghosts make great mentors. I hope my works haunt you in a good way and take you to other places and spaces as art should.

Thank you.

Donna Williams

Ever The Arty Autie