Polly's pages (aka 'Donna Williams')

Ever the arty Autie

The dance with immune deficiency



Grizzle, grizzle, grizzle grump.
Sore throat you woke me like a broken record.
“But you sounded so good…”.
And I remember myself like a poster glossy and shiny
shredded overnight in my interrupted dreams.

We’ll fingers crossed, hey?
We’ll hope like hell.
‘Cause Jesus ain’t waiting in the sunlight with fairy dust.

and positive thinking won’t buy me a Mercedes
(or an immune system).

Click your heels Dorothy.
Hope ’til your nipples fall off.
My body doesn’t wave magic wands.
‘Oh well, we’ll see’ works fine for me.

‘If you just had thought…’, ‘if you just had…’
‘if you’, ‘if’, ‘ifffffff… ‘
OCD loves magical thinking and all the ‘just believes’.
It pops my ear tubes to create magical perfection
80% of my waking hour
until I wonder where’s the knife to cut my head off.

Bugs don’t give two shits how I look.
Immune boosters make me glow a million bucks (and almost cost the earth).
My immunity thumbs its nose like a cheap whore
and says, with a wink, ‘check mate’, what’s you’re move’?
And I quickly fumble in my pockets for loose change.

Donna Williams, Dip Ed, BA Hons.
Author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter.
Autism consultant and public speaker.