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Donna Williams aged 4

Donna Williams aged 4

I get a lot of rudeness but guess what, I notice everyone gets rudeness from each other and sometimes they get rudeness from me!

We absolutely need to accept that some people just are rude people and others have bad days where they are rude to people and others have bad moments… and… as long as that rudeness is only 0-3 out of 10, let it slide because you need to spread the sunshine, not the shit…

and if its 3-5 out of 10 then if you know the rest of your day may be ok, let that slide too… because people have a right to be ignorant, grumpy, stupid sometimes and that’s THEIR JOURNEY…

and if its a 6-8 then that’s worth a cry but best to maybe do that in a safe comforting space because yes, the world can be tough and there are days we’ll each meet an arsehole out there and there’s days we’ll be the arsehole out there…

and either way we’ll probably end up feeling bad so at least tomorrow may be better if we work towards improving its chances of being so. And if the bad stuff is 9-10 out of 10 then we pretty much need to get professional help… a mediator, a trusted and BALANCED friend, maybe even a counselor or a cop depending on what happened.

But tomorrow is still another new day, a day where we can try and spread the sunshine or the shit and hopefully we are emotionally wise enough to go for spreading the sunshine… because the shit usually then falls by the wayside and takes care of itself without us watching and fixating on it 🙂

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