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Judgement Day


JUDGEMENT DAY by Donna Williams

Give me a name,
And I will be
more than just ‘present’,
more than it, he or she.

I may live up to Ramases,
or live down to Janet
I may defend my name’s honor
among human ants on this planet.

I may troll with the trolls, sycophant with the sheep.
Have 5000 friends on a Facebook And decide which to keep.

Give me a God And I will pray
And look the other away
And throw a pity party on the days I feel forsaken

Give me a credit card identity
An ego without indemnity
And I will pat the pig and eat the bacon

So advanced we are,
We hide our wrinkles and our scars
Shop for humans quite the way we shop for bread

Design babies and teach danger
NO, don’t say hi to a stranger
Then feign heartfelt emotions
when that stranger drops stone dead.

We are here, life is short
We dictate, judge, exclude
We fixate, use, and mock
So polite, yet so rude.

So here’s a ticket, board the train
And will find the house of mirrors
And we’ll explore the Taoist faces
Of our inner saints and sinners

by Donna Williams