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Remote Control


REMOTE CONTROL by Donna Williams

One for you and one for me,
This one is yours, that one is mine,
Here’s the tidy box I’ve made for you
Remote control, remote…

Why should I?
And can’t you see
I’m busy and that she and he and it
Were not my place, my burden, my job
Have you seen my iPhone somewhere round this place?
You’re such a slob.

Well, its not my fault he fell apart,
she hates herself, the cat left home,
I didn’t bring her up a tart
Have you seen my iPod, did you take my phone?

Of course I care, do you think we’d pay
Ten thousand bucks to make you
To create you in a test tube,
Choose your eyes, gender and hair?

We bought you all the latest gadgets,
You had every online game
We ensured your friends were perfect
Gave you pills to keep you sane.

We spent a mortgage on your labels
You saw the most expensive shrink
So don’t you dare to say nobody cared
Or that your parents stink.

by Donna Williams