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Tricks of Light


Tricks of Light A trick of the light is an optical illusion. We see something that isn’t there, or we see something we think is one thing, then look at it from a different angle and find our perspective is changed, different. My life has been full of such illusions. Often the illusions had me convinced and I indulged and enjoyed the magic, the madness. Other times I surprised myself, finding I was so much more than the first impressions.

Illustrated with colorful, surreal light photography that evokes a sensory wonderland, Tricks of Light is a 31 page collection of photography combined with 6 autie-biographical stories from my own world. We could call these autism stories, but they are stories of personhood more than the sum total of any condition or conditions. We could call them ARTism stories, for my life has been as much that of an artist as that of an autist. We could call them human stories, and I have no doubt many people will find their own humaness within them.

Order an E-book (PDF) copy directly from Donna for $5 (AUD)

(NOTE: To gift copies just include the name, email address and the greeting you’d like attached to each when I send each out to your designated recipient)

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