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Being a bogan has nothing to do with being an Aussie


Rebel+Wilson+Arrivals+Nickelodeon+Australian+uNyUYJB6k0tl I’ve got plenty of bogan rellies…

its interesting that my father didn’t know the term bogan… he talked of ‘poor boys’ or ’nuff nuffs’ and he was like a closet bogan and my mother 50% in the closet and 50% out of the closet bogan (depending which alter was hosting) and me and my older brother were at least 50% in the closet bogan kids until late childhood when all the dirty money was on tap and the shit well and truly hitting the fan… by then our mother was 80% out of the closet bogan and we were ferals. I was pretty feral from age 8-18… as someone with DID I certainly have at least two bogan alters…Marnie and Lee…. I love em as much as all the others in my team… funny how people think being bogan is straight forward… sometimes its not… some bogans try and be in the closet or bring their kids up to not be bogan then can’t maintain it because they are what they are and so sooner or later it goes into meltdown…

Bogans may be anti education and full of reverse prejudice, but they’re not all bigots or hoons…. and there’s nothing Aussie about being a bogan… American rednecks are bogans… British yobs are bogans… there’s bogans in all races. If people think being bogan = Aussie they have no insight… people of any nationality can be bogan if they are brought up bogan as ‘normal’ or hang out with bogans until they too get slack enough. All it takes to be a bogan is to have fairly poor boundaries, fairly low standards and plenty of reactive chip on the shoulder baggage to feed the reverse prejudice of a ‘them and us’ mentality that keeps bogans being bogans. In that sense its a culture and people can stay tied to the culture, afraid to be disloyal to the culture or dare enough real individuality to journey beyond it.

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