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How to Become A Pick Up Artist


We pick up objects… things… taking power, taking ownership of things. It requires no emotional intelligence. In fact the less emotional intelligence you have the less it will get in the way… things like empathy, dignity, equality. Like any psychopath, any sociopath, any narcissist, a pick up artist needs only to know how to feign such things. But let’s at least get it straight, if you are going to be a paying tool for the likes of Julien Blanc

fml- Julien Blanc and domestic abuse chart

and Jeff Allen

, and jump on this latest boy’s club for wanna be ‘men’ then you may at least want to look fair and square in the mirror at what you’re identifying with. After all, when you later find yourself pointed out not as the self inflated hero you were convinced you might become but a self confessed personality disordered person, you might prefer to know this in advance. So check out the criteria for Narcissistic, Sadistic, Antisocial and Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorders from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

So, sure, you’re a bloke, you maybe you even want to get free sex. Well people would like free dinners, free houses, free cars, free everything. Especially narcissists, after all getting it for free somehow comes with the ego boost that paying for it doesn’t. But in this life, narcissist or not, you get nothing for nothing.

Sex is something your earn through being an attractive human being… physically, mentally, emotionally. If you have done nothing to develop yourself into a likeable human being, let alone an attractive one on any level, then you can either work on becoming someone more likeable or go pay for your desired commodity from someone willing to sell it. Sex can be about lust but for women it is largely about trust and about attraction.

Abused children may grow up to be women who will commonly accept abuse as ‘normal’ and personality disordered women may sometimes, as part of their mental health issues, accept being owned, dominated, used, even degraded. But it does not actually raise your manhood to chalk up how often you have been able to re-abuse an already damaged woman. Real men know this. It’s a matter of emotional intelligence.

Women who have been, or allowed themselves to be owned, dominated, used, degraded, ultimately claim their equality and dignity. And they remember the legacy of their abusers. And the abusers remember their own inhumanity, first proudly, protected by huberis and bravado, but in time as they become emotionally mature adults, they remember their ‘accomplishments’ with shame and regret, unable to be forgiven by those they have abused and unable to forgive themselves.

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