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Tony Abbott’s first Christmas Message – you’ve got to be joking


Tempest by Donna Williams http://www.donnawilliams.net “In his first Christmas message in the top job, Mr Abbott urged Australians to live up to their good nature and lend a hand to those doing it tough during the holiday season. ‘We are a good and generous people,’ he said in a statement on Tuesday. He also thanked those working for charities looking after the less fortunate on Christmas Day.

So what’s wrong with that?

Tony Abbott's Christmas Message

Tony Abbott is the same guy who within 100 days of power as PM has put in question the entire National Disability Insurance Scheme, with massive cuts to disability services and funding,

The same guy who sanctioned $150M in NSW health cuts.

He’s the guy who backs a program at Nauru that confiscates glasses, hearing aids, prostheses and medications from children there and leaves pregnant women miscarrying without medical services who are told they must ‘lower their expectations’ and separating mothers from their newborns (have I missed the Swastika somewhere?),

He’s the PM who cut funding to legal aid that gave our poorest and most vulnerable citizens a chance of legal equality, who slashed Australian foreign aid to starving people,

He’s the one responsible for cutting health services for refugees from war torn countries (where TB is also rife)

And the same guy who has slashed funding to Indigenous services which help some of Australia’s most disadvantaged citizens.

Tony Abbott, listen, there is hypocrisy and there is HYPOCRISY. And no amount of Wag The Dog or playing the George Bush card of drawing our attention to servicemen and women defending our country this Christmas will change the fact that what we actually need is help defending against you and the inequality, the stinginess, the complete lack of generosity that you exemplify to ‘the Australian people’ as you stand so proudly waving your flag as a committed Christian (yes, the Christians are cringing Mr Abbott).

Once upon a time there was proposed another ‘solution’ for ‘foreigners’ by a PM where glasses, hearing aides, prostheses were confiscated, women separated from children and even newborns, all without medical or psychiatric services, spending the day lining up for food, where those with disabilities, the elderly or deemed the ‘wrong’ sexual orientation languished if they were lucky enough to even live, where only those of the ‘right’ skin color were deemed worthy of compassion, equality even life… that PM was a Christian, named Hitler, his ‘solution’ was known as ‘the final solution’, among his camps was this one, called “Auschwitz“.

Lest We Forget is a saying that means if we forget the lessons of the past, we become doomed to repeat them. Everyday Germans stood on the sidelines claiming ‘it wasn’t that bad’ or ‘they deserved it’ or ‘what did they expect?’, or ‘I didn’t know’…. well, generous Australia, so proud of our individuality, will we play ostrich, play emu, stick our heads in the sands? Will we take Tony Abbott’s pat on our backs, fluff ourselves up and say ‘oh what a generous race we are’, whilst we baa-aa this Christmas like a bunch of sycophant sheep to a psychopath PM.

Donna Williams, BA Hons, Dip Ed.
Author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter.
Autism consultant and public speaker.

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