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Australian Navy, Gang Rape, Burned Hands, Refugees, and Tony Abbott’s endless spin.


burns-hand-asylum-thumb Recently refugees fleeing to Australia showed their badly burned hands and claimed Australian Naval officers had systematically inflicted burns on them and kicked legbruise-asylum-main-620x349 them whilst on the boat they were on as they returned them to Indonesia under Tony Abbott’s “Operation Sovereign Borders”. Tony Abbott and his henchmen challenged the Australian public to choose who to believe … our valiant Australian Navy or the refugees. We know of the atrocities committed by American soldiers in Abu Ghraib, and the British soldiers in Iraq but Tony Abbott, himself having been once taken to court for sexual assault, was unable to consider that Australians could possibly commit atrocities.

So what of the recent news of the gang rape of Australian Navy recruit Aaron Frazer, who was gang raped at an Australian Navy Recruit School? Did this also not happen? Aaron’s case is a stain on Tony Abbott’s whitewashing spin on the heroism, honour and morality of Australian defence forces. I guess we’re supposed to also believe a prime minister (and good pal of Cardinal Pell) could not possibly have committed sexual assault either, that he could never have lied in convincing the Australian public of the illegality of refugees or created a ‘pageant’ of a fake ‘war’ (his ‘war on refugees’)?

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