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That’s So Gay….


Count Me In by Donna Williams THAT’S SO GAY a song by Donna Williams 2009

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When Tourette’s tics become wallpaper


Feeling Music by Donna Williams  In an autism fruit salad can be a range of things and two of us in The Aspinauts experience Tourette’s tics Read the rest of this entry »

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Celeb bashing as the new ‘football’; A Taoist’s take on hatred


autistic author Donna Williams aged 7  Once upon a time Romans forced gladiators to fight wild animals for the audience’s blood lust.  Then we had Nazi Germany where regular Germans turned a blind eye to persecution or considered their own part in it minimal for they were only doing what ‘others had already done’.  And we had football but it became so corporate people lost ownership of it.  Today we have celebrity bashing as the new football and those who get the boots in will often say “I wasn’t the first”, “I’m only doing what others had already done” and that he or she ‘deserved it’ by ‘making themselves a public person’.   When haters call for new recruits, I find this lust for shared hatred sociologically fascinating but also calls to my spirituality as a Taoist.  Why do people crave such imbalance? Read the rest of this entry »

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