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The ABC of valid facilitated communication – a tribute to Anne McDonald


Anne McDonald

My husband Chris and I went to dinner with Anne Mc Donald for several years. We went once a month and Anne was often the life of the party. Hard for some people to imagine given that Anne had almost no comprehensible verbal speech whatsoever. Read the rest of this entry »

Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers


Here’s an awesome article which is NOT written by me but is by an anonymous author. I would have written pretty much what they’ve already written but they’ve done it so well I wouldn’t need to do my own version. It is filled with what any scapegoat of a mother with Narcissistic Personality Disorder will relate to. Read it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Having a bad day


Donna Williams aged 4

Donna Williams aged 4

I get a lot of rudeness but guess what, I notice everyone gets rudeness from each other and sometimes they get rudeness from me! Read the rest of this entry »

Autism and bullying


Breakthrough by Donna Williams

Breakthrough by Donna Williams

Anna Kennedy wanted to interview me about bullying. I invited her to send me 6 questions. Here’s our interview. Read the rest of this entry »

Inside the mind of haters and trolls


Having had my fair share of stalkers, trolls, conspiracy lovers, I loved this. Of course just posting it likely to bring the infestation out of the woodwork where haters fester but it was a great clip. Here’s another one too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Co-morbids: How dare you have more than one condition!


There are bigots and purists who can’t cope someone having autism and co-occurring mental health issues. I am diagnosed with autism AND Dissociative Identity Disorder. Anyone who lives with someone with autism will know that most people with autism dissociate (cut off, shutdown) more commonly than most, yet somehow tell people you have a dissociative disorder along the spectrum of dissociative disorders AND that you are a person diagnosed with autism, well, seems for some people, their head falls off. Read the rest of this entry »

Fear of co-morbid mental health issues and ignorance about dissociative disorders


People feel afraid, awkward etc re co-occurring (co-morbid) mental health issues. A lot of those interested in autism are unnerved if I talk about DID, as if they can’t reconcile that someone with a mental health problem is still functional, knowledgeable, empathic, fully ‘human’. Yet, ironically, 30% of adults with autism will have co-morbids, including those which commonly occur in people with DID and PTSD which is part of the same spectrum of dissociative disorders as DID. Read the rest of this entry »

Autism, identity and dissociation


As the author of 10 published books, an international public speaker and professional autism consultant I’m best known in the autism world. But I have a wide following in the D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and MPD populations too. Read the rest of this entry »

Melbourne Children’s Theatre: rock musical, BALOOMBAWOP, by Donna & The Aspinautsn’s



Written and produced by Donna Williams

and performed by Donna and The Aspinauts

TONYBROWNbest1sml Once upon tough time, there were Grumpy Gallumphies who didn’t like strangeness it made them quite grumpy. Then a magical train arrived from a dream and those who could dare, they had dared to get in. It was off to Baloomba-wop where they had purple rain, and a shop that even sold new replacement brains!

They would meet Charlie Warmton whose best friend was a blanket, and the Brookenstein Fox who lives up on a shelf, and Bluster-McFluster with his technical gadgets and the Gimmety-Gimme with everything for herself. They’d meet Booger-Looger who picks his nose to perfection and the Whirly-twirl-girl who lacks any direction. And Gadoodleborger who runs a magical shop which just happens to be where the train is to stop.

But deep in Baloomba-wop, a Grumpy Gallumphy, the notorious Dame Grumpty-Doo-bee-the-Fourth. She is looking to change Baloomba-wop for forever. She’s determined to make all these weirdoes quite plain. Will she be stopped before everything’s ‘normal’, I wonder. Or succeed making all be exactly the same? Read the rest of this entry »

That Tony Attwood Controversy – Donna Williams interviews Tony Attwood


Circus Tightrope by Donna Williams  Following the recent incendiary theatrics surrounding international autism expert and author, Tony Attwood, I invited him to a Skype interview.  I recorded the hour long interview in which I asked Tony about his involvement with FAAS, his take on CAAD, his view on autistic culture and the autistic pride movement, about the concept of hate groups and whether he does farcical characterisations of non-spectrum people too.  The result was an amusing interview over on my podcast site, Odd Pod. Read the rest of this entry »

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